We The People // New Blight Ordinance Needs Your Support!

Blight in Fresno is a serious problem. The blight is the result of slumlords who refuse to bring their properties up to code. Blight hurts our communities and directly affects our neighbors. The time for change is here. In a few weeks, Fresno’s City Council will be voting on a new Blight Ordinance. Multiple organizations and groups have come together to conduct extensive research on housing issues and blight in the City of Fresno. The following are our five recommended additions to make this plan effective.

1. Vacant Property Registry: For any property that is vacant more than 60 days, the property owner will have to register it with the city and pay a service fee.

2. Release by the City: Before a property owner is able to lease a previously vacant property, they will have to pass an internal inspection. This will ensure that vacant rental properties meet minimum, legal health and safety standards prior to a tenant moving in, which ultimately reduces the burden on the City.

3. Private Attorney General Clause: The clause allows for non-profit and community groups to enforce the ordinance at no expense to the City.

4. Public Reporting: The City will be required to report monthly on how effectively this ordinance is being enforced.

5. Mayor-Council Code Enforcement Task Force Phase II: We are calling for a clear commitment to Phase II of the Code Enforcement Task Force to continue the work of reviewing the municipal code and deal with internal substandard housing conditions which violate California law – specially, to look at how to implement a routine inspection program and increase City enforcement against landlords who fail to comply with state law, in order to address the poor conditions of rental units occupied by tenants. We are also calling for tenants to be represented on the Task Force for Phase II.

Contact your city council representatives and let them know you want them to support these recommendations. Will you support us?

Contact Your City Council Representatives