Spoken Word // Blight to Light

Spoken Word by Kyland Hall at the Blight to Light Community Action event.

We hereby request that the City Council incorporate the four elements listed here into any ordinance amended or adopted as a result of the Task Force’s work.

1. Implement and enforce a vacant building registration program for all buildings vacant for longer than 60 days. 2. Require an internal inspection of all newly unblighted properties before they are rented to ensure properties are habitable under California law.
3. Allow for non-profit and community groups to enforce the ordinance at no expense to the City by including a private attorney general clause in FMC Chapter 10.
4. We call for a commitment by elected leaders to reconvene the Task Force by August 2015 for Phase II, to continue the work of reviewing the municipal code to deal with interior substandard housing conditions that violate California health and safety laws and endanger tenant families — including a commitment that tenants – particularly from low-income neighborhoods – be added to this “Phase II” of the Task Force.

Our goal is to ensure that every resident has decent, safe and affordable housing now and in the future.

Contact your council member by calling (559) 621-8000 or fresno.gov