No More Slumlords is an all-volunteer advocacy group and collective of citizen journalists who are working to expose Fresno’s slumlord industry. We are neighbors. We are the people of this city speaking about an issue that affects so many families. 

We are a movement. We exist to inspire and encourage people to use their voices to bring about change. We want to live in a city without slumlords.

No More Slumlords goal is to make Fresno a slumlord-free city // We need your voice to get there


No More Slumlords speaks truth about an issue that is often misunderstood. We share the testimonies of members from our community who are being affected by Fresno’s slumlord industry. Our multimedia is meant to be informational as well as inspiring. Creating awareness is key to the movement.


We advocate for our neighbors by using the power of multimedia. We provide a platform for our community to share their stories. Stories that often go unheard. We are also actively engaging churches, community organizations and the public through our call to action events.  Together we can make a difference.

 Policies and Ordinances

In order to create sustainable change in Fresno, we need to have policies that target slumlords in our city. Our city officials need to take a stance against Fresno’s slumlord industry by working on the following:

  • A law that prohibits landlords from advertising a substandard unit for rent.
  • Adopt a routine inspection program and a code enforcement department that cites slumlords.
  • Sue slumlords that continue to violate code and continue to place families at risk.

Effective Code Enforcement

Throughout our investigation, we have heard from the community that Code Enforcement fails to enforce code. Tenants have told us that Code Enforcement fails to issue citation/fines when violations are noticed. Instead, Code Enforcement gives the slumlord a courtesy call to address the violations. There is no guarantee that the slumlord will address the tenant’s issues. This policy is not sustainable and benefits the slumlord.

Fresno’s Mayor and City Council have the authority to make sure that Code Enforcement hold slumlords accountable.