No More Slumlords

Too long have slumlords in Fresno been exploiting and preying on the poor throughout our city, unchecked and unchallenged. In order to make an extra profit these slumlords refuse to make any maintenance repairs that pose a risk to the health, safety and physical well-being of families that rent from them.



No More Slumlords is an art and multimedia campaign launched by HE+ART.


HE+ART exists to encourage and equip Christian artists to be an intentional voice for God’s kingdom through creative media and art. Among the members of HE+ART are a young couple who worked under one of the worst slumlords in California, JD Home Rentals. They witnessed the oppression that was happening to their neighbors. They could not ignore the heartaches, tears and pain from those that live under slumlords. They felt a strong calling from God to use their gifts as artists to be a voice for the voiceless. Working alongside other artists, neighbors and community organizations, they are fighting the slumlord industry in Fresno.


Mission Statement:  Create awareness and advocate for neighborhoods through the use of art and multimedia.




The only way that the slumlord situation in Fresno will change is through public support. City officials have to see that the public wants things to change and slumlords have to see that the public will not tolerant their business practices any more. Being part of this movement will be instrumental in obtaining justice for our neighbors throughout our city.


Advocate >>  Create art and multimedia content that sheds a light on the injustice that is inflicting our neighbors. Through the use of art and multimedia, we are being a voice for the voiceless.


Act >>  Start a movement that will challenge the slumlord industry in our city by:


Pray >>  “Do not exploit the poor because they are poor”-Proverbs 22:22

Slumlords actively steal from low income families and deny them their rights. We believe that God cares for those that are being oppressed and will bring justice to those that abuse their neighbors. We ask that you will join us in prayer.



No More Slumlords is documenting the stories from tenants, community residents and leaders about their struggle against the slumlord industry in our city.

Our Neighbors


Our Neighbors is a multimedia series about the slumlord industry in Fresno and how it is affecting the people that live in our city. The videos below contain interviews from the tenants and our volunteers.

Join Us


The only way that the slumlord situation in Fresno will change is through people like you. City officials and slumlords have to see that the public will not tolerant the slumlord industry anymore. By joining our movement you will be instrumental in obtaining justice for your neighbors throughout our city.

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Note: We do not offer legal services for tenants. No More Slumlords is a multimedia campaign that is entirely composed of volunteers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Phone: 559.512.0255

Email: info@nomoreslumlords.org