No More Slumlords

For too long have slumlords in Fresno been exploiting and preying on families throughout our city, unchecked and unchallenged by our city officials. No More Slumlords is an all-volunteer advocacy group and collective of citizen journalists who have been investigating Fresno's slumlord industry.





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Contact your City council and the Mayor

*Please include the street address of your residence or business. It's important for our Mayor and City Council to know what district you are in.

Contact City Council and the Mayor

Dear Mayor and Members of Fresno’s City Council,

Fresno’s slumlord industry is one of the biggest threats we are facing as a city. Slumlords contribute to crime, fires, blight, and the overall decline of the quality of life in our city. Slumlords also drain our city resources and services.

The unfortunate reality is that Fresno’s slumlord industry is the result of bad policy and the lack of proactive code enforcement in our city. Slumlords are not being held accountable for their actions; they continue to ignore laws meant to protect tenants and neighborhoods.

You can be part of the solution to protect our neighborhoods and Fresno’s future. Fresno’s residents, churches, community organizations, business owners, and property owners will no longer tolerate Fresno’s slumlord industry. I respectfully urge you, the Mayor, and Members of Fresno’s City Council, to take a stance against Fresno’s slumlord industry. We need to have proactive code enforcement, we need policies that target slumlords, and we need real systemic change. Will you support us?


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Esmeralda Soria
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